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A Visual Approach to Helping Instuctors Integrate, Document, and Refine Active Learning

This article describes a visual approach to integrating observational data into self-evaluation and peer review of teaching, practices that can lead to adoption of evidence-based active-learning strategies in STEM. Although our approach has specific relevance during this period of reform in STEM education, it was designed to be implemented for undergraduate courses across the disciplines. The presentation of observational data in a timeline provides a "big-picture" view of an observed class that captures the sequencing of instructional strategies and the "ebbs and flows" of student participation--in a chronological format that coheres with how instructors often visualize a class session. Such a view can help instructors see where there strategies meet their instructional goals and where these strategies might be refined and improved.

Frey, R. F., Fisher, B. A., Solomon, E. D., Leonard, D. A., Mutambuki, J. M , Cohen, C. A., Luo, J., Pondugula, S., & Frey, R. F. (2016). A visual approach to helping instructors integrate, document, and refine active learning. Journal of College Science Teaching, 45(5), 20-26.

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