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Critical Turning Point: Will Affordable Higher Education Remain a Priority in Iowa?

In the Opinion section of The Des Moines Register, The president and vice president of Iowa State University's Student Government warn that the state legislature's funding cuts are "forcing the university to propose tuition increases to the Board of Regents, which will, inevitably, place the burden on the backs of students and their families."

"It seems to us that our state has reached a critical turning point when it comes to public higher education," Cody West and Cody Smith write, "Iowa State University, the first land grant university in the United States, should serve as a beacon of opportunity for students who are determined enough to pursue a higher education.

"As a land grant, our mission is to be the most affordable and accessible to Iowa’s students. We should strive to uphold this pledge because it is these same students that will contribute significantly to our state’s economy by becoming our local farmers, teachers, agronomists, engineers, veterinarians, and neighbors."

Read the full article on The Des Moines Register website.