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Budget Battle Looms for U.S. Science Programs

Amy Scott, Associate Vice President for Federal Relations at AAU, and Julia Smith, Senior Federal Relations Officer, are quoted in this Scientific American article on the "annual budget skirmish" that heats up in Congress this week. "Scientists in the United States are nervously watching from the sidelines," the author writes, "to see how much money science agencies including the National Science Foundation (NSF) and NASA can expect."

Scott says that hashing out the differences between spending bills from the House of Representatives and the Senate for FY18 could take until December. She also notes that despite significant differences in House and Senate funding for NASA’s planetary-science budget, negotiations to reconcile the agency's budget tend to go smoothly. 

Smith comments on criticism of ARPA-E for a perceived lack of output. “But ARPA-E is young, so we can’t say how it has changed your life because we don’t know yet,” she said.

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