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AAU Advisory Board on Racial Equity in Higher Education

In 2021,the Association of American Universities formed an Advisory Board on Racial Equity in Higher Education. Co-chaired by University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel, Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway, and University of Rochester President Sarah Mangelsdorf, the board conducted its work through four different subgroups, each tasked with studying promising practices and communicating potential strategies to mitigate structural barriers to equity in different aspects of the life of leading research universities. These strategies touch on every aspect of work and life at research universities, ranging from student and faculty recruitment and retention, campus climate, university and departmental governance,and institutional aid to a host of other aspects of university business at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. They are attached as appendices to this report, organized by subject area. Understanding the variety of AAU institutions, these strategies have been designed to be adaptable to widely differing campus contexts in order to help each individual institution evaluate them for potential use on their campuses. When possible, the strategies are accompanied by practical implementation ideas and resources.To maintain the distinct characters of our respective campuses while concurrently contributing to collective outcomes, this Report describes tools, techniques,and practices under each focus area around which the Advisory Board organized our work. Although we organized the strategies around these focus areas, we note their interconnectedness. And finally, we expect that individual campuses will evaluate and adapt these resources to their unique environments.

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