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Student Aid Funding

Sustaining the nation’s economic competitiveness requires that an increasing share of the workforce hold undergraduate or advanced college degrees. Moreover, federal student aid is an important element in the nation’s economic growth: enabling low- and middle-income students to attend college and current workers to retrain for new careers.

AAU strongly supports a broad array of student aid programs funded by the Department of Education. This section includes funding materials related to student aid issues.



AAU wrote to Sen. Lamar Alexander, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP), in response to his white paper on higher education accountability.
AAU and six other higher education organizations urged Congress to maintain it's historical commitment to student financial aid and medical research in FY18.
Additional information on the FY19 President’s Budget Request for the Department of Education.
Status of FY19 appropriations including the President’s FY19 Budget Request for AAU’s funding priorities at the Department of Education including Title IV and Title VI funding.
The Student Aid Alliance submitted a letter to House and Senate appropriations leaders asking for additional funding for federal student financial aid programs as Congress concludes the FY18 funding process.