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Graduate Education

Graduate Education

Graduate education programs in the United States are respected and emulated worldwide, and are an international magnet for talented students. At a time when American leadership and prosperity depend increasingly on the creation and use of knowledge, graduate education provides our country with an important competitive advantage. Our system of combining graduate education with cutting-edge research strengthens American research, while also producing highly educated individuals who will become the next generation’s scientists, teachers, and leaders in government, business, and industry.

AAU universities award:

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AAU Proposes Major Initiative on Doctoral Education

AAU has proposed a new initiative that seeks to prioritize the educational experience of doctoral students. Its objective is to influence the culture at AAU universities so that PhD education shifts to be more student-centered and the broad array of future career pathways available to PhD graduates are visible, valued, and viable.



Statement by AAU Chief Academic Officers on Doctoral Education Data Transparency 

AAU Chief Academic Officers urged all PhD granting universities to provide prospective and current students with easily accessible information about student demographics, time to degree, career paths and financial support.



AAU President on National Academies Committee on Revitalizing Graduate STEM Education 

The study analyzes the current system of graduate education and presents recommendations and strategies for strengthening its quality, better aligning it with society’s future economic and cultural needs, and ensuring that it can adapt to the economic, scientific, social, and global challenges over the next two decades.