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AAU Universities: Helping Solve the Fresh Water Puzzle

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Three-quarters of the world may be covered in water, but the supply of clean, fresh water is at risk—from drought, flooding, climate change, pollution, and the growing demand for fresh water around the country and around the world.

How can we ensure that our society will have the clean, fresh water we need for food production, good health, economic growth, and preservation of the natural world?

It’s a complicated puzzle, and finding answers requires many approaches. AAU universities are leading the way by conducting scientific research in a broad range of disciplines, working on technological breakthroughs, and educating the next generation of problem solvers.

The first in a series on AAU university research, this page introduces stories showing what AAU universities’ faculty, researchers, students, and alumni are doing to ensure a sustainable supply of fresh, clean water here and around the world.

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UF Researchers Develop Way to Treat Urine, Save Drinking Water University of Florida
Stanford Researchers Develop Framework to Fund Freshwater Projects Stanford University
New Water Scarcity Map Offers Tool for Better Planning University of Minnesota
UC Berkeley Project Predicts Water Flow for Bangalore Residents UC Berkeley
Collecting Rainwater for a Tanzanian School Michigan State University
More Rain Leads to Fewer Trees in the African Savanna Princeton University
Researching River Systems on Two Continents The University of Kansas
Science Under Our Feet Boston University
UCI-led Group Suggests Ways to Better Manage Urban Stormwater Runoff University of California, Irvine
Predicting Changing River Landscapes Northwestern University
Sierra Nevada Snowpack Lowest in 5 Centuries University of Arizona
Floating Robots Use GPS-enabled Smartphones to Track Water Flow University of California, Berkeley
Duke University Researchers Create a Low-Tech, Toilet/Sanitation System Duke University
UCLA Report Shows 75 Percent of Los Angeles County Water Systems Vulnerable to Drought, Other Challenges University of California, Los Angeles
Groundwater Levels Decline in Western, Central Kansas University of Kansas
Glaciers, Streamflow Changes Are Focus of New Columbia River Study University of Washington
Aquatic Robotics Attracts the Attention of a Budding Engineer University of Southern California
The Rainmaker Boston University
Taking a Molecular Approach to Water Scarcity University of Chicago


Tribal Elder Brings Water History to Life for Students University of California, Berkeley
Drought and Flood Prediction Gets Boost from New Texas Network and NASA Satellite The University of Texas at Austin
Warming Climate is Deepening California Drought Columbia University
'Megadrought' Likely for Western U.S. by End of Century Cornell University
Taking Action Against the Drought University of California, San Diego
Typhoon Haiyan’s Storm Surge May Contaminate Aquifer for Years University of Texas at Austin


Prairie STRIPS Program Expands Iowa State University
New Ag-Tech Startup Helps Farmers Analyze Water Use University of California, Davis
Ohio State Improving Water Quality, One Farm at a Time The Ohio State University
Perennial Biofuel Crops' Water Consumption Similar to Corn Michigan State University
Farmers Can Better Prevent Nutrient Runoff Based on Land Characteristics University of Iowa
Florida Researcher Finds Way to Cut Cost, Save Water and Help the Environment by Changing One Simple Thing University of Florida
Accidental Discovery Leads to Technology that Could Save Billions University of Oregon


Stanford researchers show fracking's impact to drinking water sources Stanford University
New Polymer Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Water Purification Cornell University
New App Could Benefit Flint Residents Affected by Lead Michigan State University
Harvard Students Develop Water Filtration Devices in Peru Harvard University
Stanford scientists solve mystery of arsenic release into groundwater Stanford University
Tracking the Viral Parasites Cruising our Waterways Michigan State University
Smart bioremediation to clean water, protect wild rice University of Minnesota
Nanopores could take the salt out of seawater University of Illinois
Stony Brook Team Develops Gravity-Driven Drinking Water Filter Stony Brook University
Tech That Could Help Identify Source Of Rising Fecal Contamination Infections Texas A&M University
Below the Depths University of Michigan
Will Work for Water The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
MIT-USAID Program Releases Evaluation of Water Filters Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Powering Desalination with the Sun Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Aquapod© – Development of a New Forward Osmosis System for Desalination University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
Improved Polymer Membranes May Simplify Desalination, Reduce Cost University of Virginia
Chemical Twofer: New Filter Will Extract Valuable Metals and create Clean Water University of Oregon
Great Lakes’ Viral Invaders Michigan State University
Mercury from Gold Mines Accumulates Hundreds of Miles Downstream Duke University
Tracing Arsenic’s Threats to Health in the Badlands The Johns Hopkins University
The Mystery of the Lake Harvard University
Going Green: KU Students Grow Algae for Biofuel, Cleaner Water University of Kansas
Penn Senior Matthew Lisle: Adapting to Climate Change Through Water Security University of Pennsylvania
New WaterHub Engages Power of Nature to Clean Wastewater Emory University
Business Will Implement New Phosphorus Recycling Process in Midwest University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rice U. Study: Algae from Wastewater Solves Two Problems Rice University
New Center to Explore Solutions for Nutrient Pollution The Pennsylvania State University


University of Southern California Researchers Promote Smart Water-Use Policies University of Southern California 
How the U.S. Is Running Up Its Water Bill, and What Can Be Done University of Arizona
Water Security is National Security Stanford University
Measuring Carbon and Water Footprints Just Got Easier University of Minnesota
IU Researcher and Colleague Provide Guide to Household Water Conservation Indiana University
Going With the Flow University of California, Santa Barbara


Columbia Water Center Earth Institute, Columbia University
Water Resources Center University of Minnesota
TATA Center for Technology + Design/Water Massachusetts Institute of Technology
VIDEO: Innovation for the Developing World TATA Center for Technology + Design, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment Stanford University