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AAU Universities: Helping Safeguard the Connected World


Cybersecurity Homepage Feature


As our society grows increasingly dependent on electronic networks for managing everyday life, running our economy, and defending the nation, cybersecurity has become one of our most pressing challenges.

Can we protect the power grid, telecommunication networks, financial data, “smart” products, and our private information, while still enjoying the benefits technology affords us?

AAU universities are helping answer that question, leading the way with multidisciplinary research, technology development, and education.

The second in a series on AAU university research that addresses big societal issues (the first was “Helping Solve the Fresh Water Puzzle”), this page shows what AAU universities’ faculty, researchers, students, and alumni are doing to help secure our electronic communications and data.

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Meet Cornell's Cybersecurity Troublemaker Cornell University
Preventing the Click Up Georgia Institute of Technology
Iowa State Engineers Protect the Power Grid Iowa State University
Reconciling Perspectives: New Report Reframes Encryption Debate Harvard University
Computer Science Researchers Aim to Securely Encrypt Every Website University of Michigan
UCLA Center, Grant Follow Up on Groundbreaking Research University of California, Los Angeles
For a Safer Cyberworld University of Florida
Penn Researchers Balance Privacy and Security in Network Analysis University of Pennsylvania
Quantum Code Master Boston University
Untraceable Communication -- Guaranteed

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stanford Physicists Set Quantum Record by Using Photons to Carry Messages from Electrons Over a Distance of 1.2 Miles Stanford University
Giving Government Special Access to Data Poses Major Security Risks Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Drone Jamming via GPS The University of Texas at Austin
Securing the Cloud Boston University


BU Scientists Seek Balance of Security, Privacy Boston University
Cybersecurity Awareness on Campus Rice University
Cybersecurity for Millennials University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Tool Protects App Users from Privacy Leaks Stony Brook University - The State University of New York
Cyber Thieves Making Millions in Profits Michigan State University
Life, Enhanced: UW Professors Study Legal, Social Complexities of an Augmented Reality University of Washington
Defending Your Computer from Cyber-Attacks, Sun Tzu Style University of Florida
UW Professors Study Legal, Social Complexities of an Augmented Reality Future University of Washington
Web of Deceit University of California, Santa Barbara
Better Design Improves Understanding of Online Privacy Notices Carnegie Mellon University
Global Attack Needed to Catch Credit Thieves Michigan State University
Companies Should Rethink Data Collection Brown University
Expert in Computer Science Drives Computer-Security Spinoff University of Wisconsin
'Spear Phishers' Proving Hard to Neutralize Vanderbilt University


New Tool Expands Tracking of Personal Data on the Web Columbia University
The Last Firewall University of California, Berkeley


Case Western Uses War Game to Teach Internet Vulnerabilities Case Western Reserve University
UA Offers Early Training in Cybersecurity University of Arizona
KU to Train Next-Generation Cybersecurity Experts for Government Service University of Kansas
Beat the Thief University of Texas at Austin
High School Students Decipher Cryptography Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Data Diary Assignment in Statistics Class Purdue University


Protecting U.S. Innovation from Cyberthreats: Commentary by President Barack Obama The Wall Street Journal
Carnegie Mellon University CyLab Carnegie Mellon University
Cybersecurity at MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cybersecurity Research at Stanford Stanford University
Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research Indiana University
Maryland Cybersecurity Center University of Maryland
National Security Institute Stony Brook University - The State University of New York
The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security Purdue University
Information Trust Institute University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Institute for Information Security & Privacy Georgia Institute of Technology