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Roxanne Murray

Roxanne Murray joined AAU in 2002, and currently serves as the organization’s Chief Operating Officer. She directs the association’s information technology and meetings departments, and is responsible for workforce planning and employment, human resource development, and business management and strategy.

At AAU, she has worked on issues such as membership, institutional data, graduate education, human resources, and office operations.

Roxanne’s expertise in the human resources field extends to her personal volunteer work. She has volunteered as a mentor and has served as an expert on multiple committees for professional societies. She also has coordinated employee readiness seminars to prepare adults and youth for careers in the public and private sector.

Roxanne attends the University of Maryland, University College, seeking a B.A. in Human Resources Management.  She has memberships in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Human Resource Association of the National Capital Area (HRA-NCA).